Sunday, 30 July 2017

Diagonal Rib

            Ah holidays are great aren't they? Sitting around in the sun all day does have a way of making
Photo accurate picture of my brother today
you veery sleepy. I've managed to avoid getting sunburnt today (Hooray!) but my brother has lit up like a belisha beacon. (probably because the idiot didn't put suncream on properly idjut) Didn't get much knitting done today, although I say that I did get a lot done but between the pattern taking forever and pokemon raids and gyms I didn't manage to finish the square. Todays pattern doesnt take as long as that luckily for all of you.

Today's stitch is diagonal rib, not to be confused with diagonal ribbing, this pattern does draw in but not as much as a traditional ribbing. The pattern is effectivly created by making a 4x4 ribbing and staggering it left or right each row. The pattern supplied by Barbra staggers the stitches so the ribbing is right leaning, the stitch also tends to create a slanted shape, with one side being shorter than the other, this is how the ribbing drawing in effects the overall shape of the square it can be discouraged by blocking. This ribbing doesn't need a stretchy cast off unlike other ribbing as it's stretch mimicks bias stretch.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 30st x 52st - Longtail CON - Surprisongly Stretchy COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON Multiple of 8st + 6
Row 1 - K1*P4,K4* end P4,K1
Row 2 - K4*P4,K4* end P2
Row 3 - K3*P4,K4* end P3
Row 4 - K2*P4,K4* end P4
Row 5 - P1*K4,P4* end K4,P1
Row 6 - P4*K4,P4* end K2
Row 7 - P3*K4,P4* end K3
Row 8 - P2*K4,P4* end K4

The pattern may also be varied by increasing or decreasing the number of purl stitches on the right side (ie P2,K4) or by knitting and purpling into the back loops of the stitches that form a knit stripe on the right side. An easy enough pattern and it creates an unusual stretch which may have a variety of uses, any fabric that would benifit from being cut out of bias fabric would work well in this pattern. Now I'm off to watch the one shot episode of Casualty. (yes with Dr Doggo) Happy Knitting!

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