Sunday, 30 July 2017

Diagonal Rib

            Ah holidays are great aren't they? Sitting around in the sun all day does have a way of making
Photo accurate picture of my brother today
you veery sleepy. I've managed to avoid getting sunburnt today (Hooray!) but my brother has lit up like a belisha beacon. (probably because the idiot didn't put suncream on properly idjut) Didn't get much knitting done today, although I say that I did get a lot done but between the pattern taking forever and pokemon raids and gyms I didn't manage to finish the square. Todays pattern doesnt take as long as that luckily for all of you.

Today's stitch is diagonal rib, not to be confused with diagonal ribbing, this pattern does draw in but not as much as a traditional ribbing. The pattern is effectivly created by making a 4x4 ribbing and staggering it left or right each row. The pattern supplied by Barbra staggers the stitches so the ribbing is right leaning, the stitch also tends to create a slanted shape, with one side being shorter than the other, this is how the ribbing drawing in effects the overall shape of the square it can be discouraged by blocking. This ribbing doesn't need a stretchy cast off unlike other ribbing as it's stretch mimicks bias stretch.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 30st x 52st - Longtail CON - Surprisongly Stretchy COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON Multiple of 8st + 6
Row 1 - K1*P4,K4* end P4,K1
Row 2 - K4*P4,K4* end P2
Row 3 - K3*P4,K4* end P3
Row 4 - K2*P4,K4* end P4
Row 5 - P1*K4,P4* end K4,P1
Row 6 - P4*K4,P4* end K2
Row 7 - P3*K4,P4* end K3
Row 8 - P2*K4,P4* end K4

The pattern may also be varied by increasing or decreasing the number of purl stitches on the right side (ie P2,K4) or by knitting and purpling into the back loops of the stitches that form a knit stripe on the right side. An easy enough pattern and it creates an unusual stretch which may have a variety of uses, any fabric that would benifit from being cut out of bias fabric would work well in this pattern. Now I'm off to watch the one shot episode of Casualty. (yes with Dr Doggo) Happy Knitting!

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Organ Pipes

            I'm on me holidays! After a long drive, we finally arrived in weymouth. Unfortunatly it is raining, so we're staying in the caravan until dinner. Which will likely be at the Marlboro (fish and chippies nomnomnom) so I can sit down after the mania that was yesterday, and the unpacking today and write a post. Now I'm on my holidays hopefully I will have time to sort out the swatches that arent in the physical copy of the book.

            Organ pipies pattern is so balled because unsurprisingly it looks like organ pipies. It's a pretty simple pattern with a nice enough overall effect, easily used in place of stockinette instead for more interest. It's pretty self explanitory and there's not much to say about it, it's inoffensive at best.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 34st x 50st - Longtail CON - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON: multiple of 6 + 4
Rows 1 & 3 - K4*P2,K4*
Rows 2 & 4 - P4*K2,P4*
Rows 5 & 7 - P1,K2*P4,K2* end K1
Rows 6 & 8 - K1,P2*K4,P2* end P1
Row 9 - *P*
Row 10 - *K*

            Well a simple pattern for a busy day, works well in both a textured yarn and a simple yarn. Flexible enough to work in most places where stockinette is used. Happy Knitting!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Arabic Diamonds

            Well I've had an exciting day, I finished two swatches, managed to get a ninetails and a ditto in pokemon go, my bf's parent's have finally organised us going to france, and I'm going on holiday to weymouth in two days so I am very excited.
            First the swatches, I'm nearing the end of the ribbing chapter before we reached it on this blog which is ideal I have about 4 left so it looks like you'll be close to where I am when I start the slipped stitches chapter (hooray!). Secondly the ninetails and ditto; I don't know if I've been particularly unlucky but I have managed to somehow miss every ditto out there, (one sec the tv is super loud mum's left it on bleeding hochanda -_-)  today me and mum went out to walk up a few candies from our buddies and hatch some eggs as it's the last day of PokeFest. I had to walk 1km more in order to get a ninetails so I decided once mum had gone in to quickly zip up to the local park and back on the jog there I thought "wouldn't it be funny if I caught a ditto now mum's gone in?" and low and behold a rattata appeared I caught it and literally sprinted home upon it transforming into a ditto. 
Clearly the best Icecream.
            The france thing, I have only been to continental europe once in my life, my parents prefer to go on holiday within britain (which is fine I love weymouth but we'll get to that later) this means the only time I left the uk was for a day trip to belgium with school back in 2009, it is somewhat expensive but I should be able to afford it if I'm frugal next term. And lastly, weymouth, our annual holiday to the best holiday place in the uk, (yeah I said it) I am excited to show the bf a Rossi's ice cream (also the best) as he LOVES icecream.

On with the stitch, like yesterday's stitch the arabic diamond is traditionally done in the eastern knitting style and features twisted stitches. The pattern provided by barbra uses regular stitches, however it is also easily changes simply by either purling into the back loop or knitting into the back loop. The swatch below is knitted using the non-traditional regular switches.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 33st x 48st - Longtail CON - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat (non eastern version):
CON - multiple of 8st + 1
Row 1 - *P*
Row 2 - *K*
Row 3 - P4*K1,P7* end P4
Row 4 - K4*P1,K7* end K4
Row 5 - P3*K3,P5* end P3
Row 6 - K3*P3,K5* end K3
Row 7 - P2*K5,P3* end P2
Row 8 - K2*P5,K3* end K2
Row 9 - Row 5
Row 10 - Row 6
Row 11 - Row 3
Row 12 - Row 4

Well that's it for today, and likely tomorrow, as we're very busy preparing for our holiday. Hopefully I'll get some knitting done on the drive down to weymouth but I won't be writing up a blog post until we get to the caravan, because I get horribly car sick and it's worse with reading. Sadly I've no time to set up another post tonight so you'll all have to wait. Luckily we're heading towards several pretty looking stitches so patience will pay off! Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Arabic cross

An accurate gif of me rn
           Pretty tired today, had to get up early to go into town with mum so I could get some proper running shoes and some socks. Wouldn't have been so bad, but we had to rush because my brother had to go to the orthodontist that with all the cleaning yesterday means I am very sleepy. So I might just do this post and go to bed.

Arabic Cross, an ancient pattern. It takes the original form of knitting, which first appeared in the middle east and uses it to make a pattern of crosses on a reverse stockinette background. Knitting is one of the oldest forms of fabric creation because it doesn't require large equipment like a loom to do, meaning it would have been very valuable to nomadic and non agrarian peoples. Arabic knitting, also known as eastern knitting, produces a twisted stitch simply through how it's done. Essentially you purl your stitches clockwise (as opposed to anti clockwise as in english or continental) and this produces the twist. The appearance of eastern knitting can be produced without the traditional method. You simply either knit into the back loop or purl into the backloop every other row. (depending on your preference)
The cross is well suited for small decorations/interest on an overall purl fabric, such as on a pocket or around a hem.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 37st x 48st - Longtail Con - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON - multiple of 12st + 1
Row 1 - *P*
Row 2 - *K*
Rows 3 & 5 - P5*K3-b,P9*end P5
Rows 4 & 6 - K5*P3,K9* end K5
Rows 7 & 9 - P2*K9-b,P3*end P2
Rows 8 & 10 - K2*P9,K3*end K2
Rows 11 & 13 - Rows 3 & 5
Rows 12 & 14 - Rows 4 & 6
Row 15 - *P*
Row 16 - *K*

            If preferred the pattern can be done without the twisted stitches, you simply knit all stitches as you usually would. For tjose of you who were unaware of the different forms of knitting it may be workwhile to attempt different versions. Personally I am usually an english knitter, I learnt to knit that way so I find it easiest often people learn one way and stick to it Personally I think it's the easiest to control, however english knitting is the slowest version of knitting so if I'm doing a simple row (all knits or all purls) I will switch to fixed needle continental because it's faster, and for ribbing I use the eastern style purl on the first purl next to a knit as it helps draw the ribbing in closer. So try different forms of knitting they can prove very useful. Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Harris Tweed

            Well I'm exhausted, my room was pretty much a bomb site since I got home this summer. It's partly my fault for not wanting to put my clothes away, as my draws were full of old stuff I didn't want getting muddled in with my actual clothes, and partly my brother throwing his crap in there, thinking my room is some sort of dumping ground solution for when mum tells him to clean his room. (dirty little troglodyte)
            We did discover something pretty gross though. About 2 years ago a mouse somehow got into my room while I was away. (we have a cat she brings them in lets them go and is unable to catch them again) I say somehow no doubt it was my idiot sibling throwing crap in there leaving the door open and letting the cat in. Anyway, a few days before I came back my mother put some laundry in my room only to discover a dead mouse in the middle of my bed. Gross, not only that but my matress was covered in mouse poo!!! D: We got rid of the dead creature and hoovered the mattress but never found where the mouse was living. Until today when I cleared the small set of draws where my makeup sits on. Bottom draw full of chewed socks and mouse poo. Disgusting. cleaned it out and hoovered up the poo again, hopefully that is the last of the idiot brother/mouse incident.
Traditional Harris Tweed with interlocking crosses

Todays stitch is Harris Tweed, the name behind this one again is unclear; the pattern consists of interlocking crosses, this is likely the source of the name. Harris Tweed is also simply a knid of tweed, it's handwoven in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. There are several styles of this tweed, popular are plain, herringbone, and various types of checks, however generic harris tweed looks a lot like a miniature version of this knitting pattern ie interlocking crosses. This is likely the origin of the name and pattern, it is likely an attempt to replicate the effect of harris tweed and it is a very nice pattern particularly good for menswear if used with a tweedy yarn. The pattern is fully reversible so it is also well suited for scarves.

Harris Tweed (Knitted)
Swatch is as follows: 4ply -  2.5mm needles - 30st x 45st - Longtail CON - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON - multiple of 6st
Rows 1-3 - *K3,P3*
Row 4 - *K*
Row 5 - *P*
Row 6 - *K*
Rows 7-9 - *K3,P3*
Row 10 - *P*
Row 11 - *K*
Row 12 - *P*

Now my post is done my room is tidy and I've yelled at my oik of a brother for treating it like a bin, I can finally relax and make my magikarp jump. I've actually started on some of the lacework patterns now, It's the first lacework I've ever done so hopefully I don't cock it up too much, it's going well so far though. We're also nearly halfway through chapter one of the book, the first chapter is very long compartivly but we are making good progress. Happy Knitting!

Monday, 24 July 2017

Vandyke Pattern

Anthony Van Dyck with his signature beard.
            I missed a day I know I'm terrible, I really just didn't want to post after running yesterday. Also I may have been distracted by magicarp jump. I should've written it up whilst waiting for GoT episode 2 but I was being lazy :O
Speaking of GoT much prefered this episode to episode 1, more stuff happened and it actually feels like important characters are going to meet and not get distracted on the way. *SPOILERS* Although I think Davos is going to be a bit miffed that Mel is on dragonstone working with Dany, hopefully that wont get in the way of Jon and Dany dealing with the wars to come *SPOILERS END*

            An interesting pattern with an unclear history today. The likely origin of the name is from a 17th century artist called Anthony Van Dyck. He had a penchant for collars with a sawtoothed or scalloped edge, and often painted people wearing such a collar given it was also fashionable at the time, and so along with his signature pointy beard the collar with a pointed trim was named after him. Later the trim would be known as vandyke trim, which is the anglicised version of his name.
            The pattern features parrallelograms and rectangles, both of which can be formed from sawtooth triangles. With no other obvious explanation that's likely why this pattern has it's name. I don't think Van Dyck knew how to knit given he would be too busy painting dudes with pointy collars; it's more likely the pattern was invented during the regency period after the lace collars with a van dyke trim became more popular amoungst women.

Swatch is as Follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 32st x 44st - Longtail CON - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON multiple of 8st
*Left leaning parrallelograms*
Row 1 - *K*
Row 2 - *K4,P4*
Row 3 - P1*K4,P4*end P3
Row 4 - K2*P4,K4*end K2
Row 5 - P3*K4,P4*end P1
Row 6 - *P4,K4*
Row 7 - *K*
*First set of squares*
Row 8,9,10 & 11 - *K4,P4*
Row 12 - *P*
*Right leaning parrallelograms*
Row 13 - *P4,K4*
Row 14 - K1*P4,K4*end K3
Row 15 - P2*K4,P4*end P2
Row 16 - K3*P4,K4*end K1
Row 17 - *K4,P4*
Row 18 - *P*
*Second set of squares*
Rows 19,20,21,22 - *P4,K4*

I've organised the pattern into the sections if you knit the rows in the order shown you get the van dyke pattern but you can re-arrange it to make horizontal chevrons (put the left leaning and right leaning one after another) or just one type of parrallelogram in the pattern with the squares, the pattern is really easy to change. Happy Knitting!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Garter and Rib Check

            A Pretty late post today due to visitors. So it's going to be a pretty short post today because I  am tired from trying not to trip over a tiny child. This has probably been compounded with being unable to get out and run the past few days because I've been busy/waiting on a sports bra or it's been raining. I've also been building up a few youtube videos and things on netflix that I want to binge recently, so I'm going to write this post and then chill out by myself for a while.

I've also been thinking about doing some posts that arent the treasury patterns, maybe some seasonal things, but obviously the current project takes priority given the time it's going to take and I want to try and get as much as possible done before I have to be an adult with a job.

On with the stitch, Barbra keeps it short and sweet and so will I. Garter and Rib check is pretty much explained in the name. Checks of Garter Stitch alternating with checks if ribbing.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 30st x 42st - German Loop CON - Surprisingly Stretchy COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON: Multiple of 10st
Rows 1.3 & 5 - *(K1,P1)x2,K6*
Rows 2, 4 & 6 - *K5,(P1,K1)x2,P1*
Rows 7,9 & 11 - *K6,(P1,K1)x2*
Rows 8,10 & 12 - *(P1,K1)x2,P1,K5*

Well that's today's stitch, it's better looking than yesterdays. (But we all know how I feel about that one) Tomorrow's pattern is more interesting and some of the elements in it will be useful to us later. Happy Knitting!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Little Check

            Ah finially the prescheduled posts have caught up to me, damn I should've written one
Something my dentist would 100% have in his office
yesterday but I had to help my mother at work. Seriously I was so pooped I slept from 12-12 that's excessive even for me! I have been busy over the last few days, including going to the dentist. Now I only mention the dentist because my dentist, who is a very good dentist and always tells me off, is very funny. I can remember at least... 5 stories about the dentist where he was weird/funny but when I went to the dentist last wednesday I laughed so hard I cried. Me and my brother were in the dentists office, and suddenly the light short circuited blowing out the whole building. The dentist tries the circuit breaker but ultimately decides the light on the dentists chair is enough as we were the last patients that day, now the next thing I said was "dentist in the dark I guess" sparked the mad part of the dentists brain so whilst weilding a metal tool the dentist sang "Dentist in the daaaaark... Poking at your teeeeeth" To the style of dancing in the dark. Needless to say everyone in the room fell about laughing including the dental nurse. The dentist is a maniac, he's great.

            Right on with todays stitch. Little stitch is an ancient stitch, that possibly dates all the way back to the earliest arabic knitting even though it doesn't include the traditional arabic twisted stitches. (this is likely because the stitch has changed over time) The pattern is formed of small squares of stockinette knitwise against a backgound of stockinette purlwise.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles -31st x 40st - German Twist CON - Surprisingly Stretchy COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON: multiple of 10st +1
Row 1 - *P*
Row 2 - K4*P3,K7*K4
Row 3 - P4*K3,P7*P4
Row 4 - Row 2
Row 5 - *P*
Row 6 - *K*
Row 7 & 9 - K2*P7,K3*K2
Row 8   - P2*K7,P3*P2
Row 10 - *K*

            Personally I don't much like this pattern, its... alright? I guess? It's not particularly interesting is it's problem and it's also not particularly pretty it's mostly just meh. It's basically a slightly more interesting version of purl-side stockinette stitch, which isn't exactly a high bar given that stockinette is known as "plain" knitting. The most interesting thing about it is it's age but it's not surprising that it's old given it's simplicity. At least it's easy enough to knit. Happy Knitting!

A picture of an ancient egyptian knitter ( I couldnt find an arabic one)

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Twisted Check

Accurate image of me yesterday trying to understand braided rib
(also can we take a sec to appreciate gromits cute wool basket?)
            I should really schedule posts more often it's nice to have a day off, without having a day off.
I've been having a tough time of it recently, I finally came across a pattern that I did not understand (In my defense it's pattern is written bloody stupidly) In light of that I think when this blog gets to ribbing patterns I will likely only do the basics, and then skip ahead in the book; purely because some of the patterns are very difficult/confusingly written/you have to know how to do other things first. It may make sense for me to go straight to the slip stitch patterns because again some of the colour (yes colour has a u in it I'm british) work patterns require knowledge from later in the book. I was thinking of doing colour work last because it's fun, pretty, and will be much more enjoyable once we know what we're doing.

            Right todays stitch Twisted Check, it's sort of similar to yesterdays stitch Swedish Check; I personally think it's the less attractive of the two, but it is by no means ugly. Like its pretty cousin it's got a tweedy look, again enhanced by the nice lumpy hand-dyed cashmere. It does, however, take longer to knit up on account of all the twisted stitches and constant switching between knit and purl positions, (Just like broken rib patterns) as unlike swedish check you switch positions every stitch rather than every other stitch.

The fabric tends to pull in thanks to the twisted stitches, so it's a pretty dense check.

Swatch is as Follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 31st x 36st - Longtail CON - Chain COFF

Pattern for working Flat:
CON - Odd number of st
Row 1 - *K1-b*
Rows 2 & 4 - *K1,P1-b*K1
Row 3 - *P1,K1-b*P1
Row 5 - *K1-b*
Row 6 - *P1-b,K1*P1-b
Row 7 - *K1-b,P1*K1-b
Row 8 - *P1-b,K1*P1-b

We're pretty far into the check patterns now, they're all very nice though so I'm not complaining. At least they don't take half as long as some of the broken rib patterns. Next post is another check pattern although I'm not sure how I feel about it, it's easy but it looks pretty... Meh compared to Swedish and Twisted Check. Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Swedish Check

            So it's now... 6am and I desperately want to sleep and I just finished watching the new episode of GOT. (Season 7 for those of you far in the future) Warning Spoilers ahead!!!


Some cursory thoughts being, Ed Sheeran singing randomly in the middle of Westeros destroyed my immersion somewhat and I hated it last time they used popular music in the show, (They put it over the credits after lopping off Jamie's hand, it was dumb everyone was mad) I wish they would stop doing that. The hound was perfection top notch. Cersei apparently doesn't give a crap if her map gets smudged because she's walking all over it as the painter paints >:( The pooper scooper scene with Sam literally made me gag, that is the grossest thing the show has done and they crushed a dudes head like a melon, it was brilliant. Apparently Euron shops at hot topic now, but at least he's funny. Does Danny just get a free castle? Seriously no one was in Dragonstone?! Not even squatters?! Stannis should've at least locked the door. By the looks of it Sansa and Jon are actually talking to each other about ruling, (Shock horror!) I get the feeling Little Finger is going to try and drive a wedge between them, but if they keep talking he's probably going to get out played. Best quote of the episode? ‪
"no need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish. I'll assume it was something clever" ‬
‪shut. down.‬


            Alright and now for the swatch, this one is my personal favourite of all the check type patterns, it's both a beautiful tweedy texture, and is nice in detail. It knits up particularly well with imperfectly dyed/spun yarn (like the mustard cashmere yarn I have here) The density of it means it's most appropriate for coats, windproof jumpers or sportswear. (Although whenever old B suggests sportswear I get weirded out, I'm a child of the modern era I suppose I can't imagine exercise without lycra) Its faster to work than next weeks similar but more dense pattern Twisted Check.

Swatch is as follows - 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 30st x 42st - Longtail CON - Surprisingly Stretchy COFF

Pattern for working Flat:
CON Multiple of 4st +2
Row 1 - *Ktbl*
Row 2 - *P*
Row 3 - K2-b*P2, K2-b*
Row 4 - P2*K2,P2*
Row 5 & 6 - Rows 1 & 2
Row 7 - P2*K2-b,P2*
Row 8 - K2*,P2,K2*

Well I'm off, it's half 6 and I need to get some sleep, or I'll get a headache. Was totally worth it though, and to those who didn't want to be spoiled go watch the episode and come back silly! Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Block Stitch/ Dice stitch

            With half an hour until GOT is released in the US we're diving straight into Block stitch, I will be refreshing TPB constantly about an hour after the show airs despite the fact I know it won't be up at least for an hour after it shows. But that's the desperation talking, hmm I should also probably re-adjust I've been sat curled awkwardly for a while and my spine isn't having it.

            Ah that's better, right Block stitch. Or should I say Dice stitch? Not to be confused with Sliding Block Stitch, it is the simplest form of a check pattern in it's most basic form however the raised "blocks" that are usually formed by the purl stitches are the most often edited part in this pattern. Barbra introduces a garter stitch block and a seed stitch block in place of the regular purl block. The plain version of this pattern is reversible the others appear to not be much different from garter stitch on the wrong side (technically all stitches are reversible but sometimes there is clearly a RIGHT side) Lots of pictures today! There are 3 versions of this stitch in the book so there are extra closeups on each.

3 Versions of Block Stitch side by side

   Swatch is as follows - 4ply - 2.5mm needles -        30st x 74st - German Loop CON - Chain COFF
Plain Block Stitch

Pattern for plain Block Stitch working flat:
CON - Multiple of 10st + 5
Rows 1,3,5,6,8 - K5*P5,K5*
Rows 2,4,7,9    - P5*K5,P5*
Row 10             - K5*P5,K5*
Garter Block Stitch

    Garter Block Stitch
    CON multiple of 10st + 5
    All odd Rows - Knit all St
    Rows 2,4,6     - K5*P5,K5*
    Rows 8,10,12 - P5*K5,P5*

Seed Block Stitch

Seed Block Stitch
CON multiple of 10st + 5
Rows 1,3,5   - P5*(K1,P1)x2,K1,P5*
Rows 2& 4   - K5*(K1,P1)x2,K6*
Rows 6,8,10-(P1,K1)x2,P1*K5,(P1,K1)x2,P1*
Rows 7,9     -(P1,K1)x2,P1*P5,(P1,K1)x2,P1*

Well that's a whole bunch of patterns for you all, now it's 2:10 so I have 50 minutes to agonizingly wait until I sail the high internet seas. Although now I've seen an advert for the crown, so I now kinda want to watch that too. Argh! Netflix introduces both solutions and more complication to the "what should I watch" issue. Happy Knitting!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Squared Check Pattern

            Night gathers and now my watch begins, it shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come. Or until the premier of season seven gets on TPB. (Don't judge me, if I could watch it legit I would! It's not my fault HBO hates the UK) It's about 2 hours until it airs in the US so ~ 3-4 hours until I get to see it so I'm pulling an all nighter!
            Yes I am a GOT maniac. I literally own every world of ice and fire book written by GRRM including: 

  • the Dunk and Egg stories (I own the combined novellas, a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms)
  • The Ice dragon
  • Dangerous Women
  • Rogues
  • The World of Ice and Fire
  • The official GOT cookbook
  • The Unofficial GOT cookbook
  • GOT the Graphic Novel
  • The GOT Board Game

In fact the only Game of thrones things I don't own are the illustrated version of the first book and the map book Lands of Ice and Fire. (Both of which I really want but I'm thinking birthday maybe I can ask for one)

            I read the first book in 2010/2011, back then there were only 3 books out and no TV show! When I read the first book I was 16/17 (I think?!) and it's been my obsession ever since, (remember the blanket?) basically if something's going down in Westeros I know about it. I was lucky enough that I finished reading the first 3 books just around the time the show was first aired, and the 4th book published. I was super excited during season one (I am also a bean stalker so Sean Bean as Ned made me both very happy and very sad) and think in general the show has done a great job of bringing the books to the screen (mostly... *COUGH*dorneplot*COUGH*) So you can imagine my distress at the realization this year that I would have to wait more than a year for any new content, this was compounded by GRRM pushing back the Winds of Winter until late this year/early next year, so I've been DYING for this episode. Hence the late night.

            But you aren't here to hear me rave about possibly the best fantasy franchise of the 21st century, no you wanna know about the knitting game so here we go. It's a blocky pattern that reminds me of windows. The reverse is embossed squares. Jeeze that was underwhelming maybe I should do something else. Oh! I have finally written up the entire first chapter worth of swatches, so you lucky cluckies will be glad to know that because I'm going to be up so late I'm going to schedule a bunch of stitches in advance. So there will be daily updates, so long as I can be bothered to write/take swatch pictures tonight.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 32st x 32st - German Loop CON - Suriprisingly Stretchy COFF

Pattern for Working flat:
Multiple of 10st +2
Row 1 - *K*
Row 2 -*P*
Row 3 - K2*,P8,K2*
Row 4 - P2*K8,P2*
Rows 5,7,9 - K2*P2,K4,P2,K2*
Rows 6,8,10 -P2*K2,P4,K2,P2*
Row 11 - K2*P8,K2*
Row 12 - P2*K8,P2*

I think this pattern would benefit from blocking perhaps more than others. I don't tend to block the swatches as the extra work involved often isn't worth it for such small objects that don't need to be a perfect shape and often stitch patterns look best unblocked but the welts in this one tend to curl a lot compared to the purl ribbing gaps. Idk Barbras looks much better and perhaps it's because it's blocked. Well That's the first post written up on with the next. Happy Knitting!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Swedish Block

Dr Doggo
            Apparently I made a mistake when I said yesterday that my brothers favourite character in casualty was super nurse he is apparently only second best. The best character is Dr Keogh because, "He has a dog" and he likes that it goes to doggy daycare when he is at work. (That's not the real reason but being forced to write a correction on a blog is ridiculous, so I'm going to let you all believe that my brother loves dogs as much as a 7 year old with dog wallpaper) Also he's demanded to have more posts about him so if he manages to do anything else stupid I'll be sure to mention it. I've gotten a lot of knitting game related stuff done today, I've fully lined the next book (Graciously bought for me by my lovely mother) and written up 7 more stitches. So we're full steam ahead.

            Today's stitch is a Scandinavian stitch, it's an alteration on block stitch with some squares enlarged and others squashed, it makes a sort of block-y cross rib nice for sports wear and it's very easy to knit.

Swatch is as follows - 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 32st x 42st - Longtail CON - Surprisingly Stretchy COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON - multiple of 6st + 2
Row 1 - K2*P4,K2*
Row 2 - P2*K4,P2*
Rows 3, 5 & 7 - P2*K4,P2*
Rows 4,6 & 8 - K2*P4,K2*

Dr Blondie

Fun fact my favourite casualty character (although I must admit I dont watch it religiously) is Dr blonde although he's gotten a bit emo since his brother got stabbed by a rascist. A quickie today so if you don't mind I'm off because I want my idiot brother to read this post. Happy Knitting!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Elongated Rib Check

Super Nurse
            Pretty dramatic day today, had to take my brother to the hospital. (He's okay no one is dead, we have to keep and eye on him though) I did get to enjoy humming the casualty tune with him when he was hopped up on morphine. He really likes casualty, his favorite character is "super nurse". (He ended up back at the hospital for observation but he went with mum) It's just lucky we weren't de-wallpapering at the time I suppose. I am annoyed I didn't bring "the knitting game" as he calls it, because it was very dull at the hospital and I could've gotten a lot done.

            Drama dealt with on with the stitch for today, we're on the check patterns portion of the book and there are quite a few of these patterns, this one is a pretty plain Jane compared to some of the other check patterns but simple patterns tend to make good over-all patterns. The pattern is a variant of double seed stitch, it is also fully reversible so it makes for good winter hats and scarves. The knit stitch squares are on a purl stitch back ground in this stitch, there is also likely an inverse of this stitch. (although I may not have done it yet)

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles- 30st x 38st - German loop CON - surprisingly stretchy COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON 4st + 2
Rows 1, 3 &  5 - K2*P2,K2*
Rows 2, 4 &  6 - P2*K2,P2*
Rows 7, 9 & 11- P2*K2,P2*
Rows 8,10 &12- K2*P2,K2*

Barbra also has a variation where there is a wrong side the difference in the pattern is you knit across on rows 5,6,11 & 12. Well that's the first check pattern done we've only got about 9 to go. Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Double Basket

This very accurate picture is from
            After a day of de-wallpapering, boiling my head, running, and getting scratched to hell picking gooseberries for my mother (who knew gooseberry bushes had demon thorns?!) I am finally able to sit down and get the needles out, or I will be once I stop the bleeding. Whew! I am pooped and this pattern although utterly lovely is a pretty long pattern. Do you like the appearance of cables but the idea of knitting them gives you the willies? Do you need a pattern that's nearly as stretchy as ribbing but looks so much better? Do you want to impress people with your mad skillz while actually doing nothing other than knit and purl stitches? Well I've got you covered fam.

 This natty pattern looks a great deal like cables! Those waving ribs? They're actually knitted straight and the wave is introduced by the purl welts inbetween the ribs pushing and pulling them in and out.
This effect is further exaggerated by the third smaller rib interrupted by the welts pulling the other ribs towards it. The pattern naturally shrinks inward and thus has a LOT of lateral stretch, when pulled the pattern can stretch up to 30% larger horizontally (if left unblocked), It has some vertical stretch too but only around 5-10%.

Swatch is as follows - 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 46st x 63st - Longtail CON -Surprisingly Stretchy COFF

So as you can tell this pattern is very broad (hence the swatch is over ~50st rather than ~30st there are other stitches that require more stitches for the whole pattern, however once you learn to "read your knitting it is easy enough to edit the pattern to chop of the end rib for example.

CON multiple of 18st + 10 (see it's a lot!)
Row 1 -   *K11,P2,K2,P2,K1*K10
Row 2 -     P1,K8,P1*P1(K2,P2)x2,K8,P1*
Row 3 -   *K1,P8,(K2,P2)x2, K1*K1,P8,K1
Row 4 -     P10*P1,K2,P2,K2,P11*
Row 5 - 8: repeat rows 1-4
Row 9 -   *K*
Row 10 -   (P2,K2)x2,P2*P10,(K2,P2)x2*
Row 11 - *(K2,P2)x2,K2,P8*(K2,P2)x2,K2
Row 12 -   (P2,K2)x2,P2*K8,(P2,K2)x2,P2*
Row 13 - *(K2,P2)x2,K10*(K2,P2)x2,K2
Row 14 - 17 - repeat rows 10-13
Row 18 - *P*

Whew! That was hard work writing out, and now all I've got to do today is wait for my pudding to set, (gooseberry fools yum :D) that is the last of the basket stitches for now, and it is a lovely one to end on. Happy Knitting!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Basket Welt

          Just got back from a run I finished the last stitch in the chapter earlier, and I have a total head rush lets do this! Although I am desperate for something to eat. I will post and then get lunch.

We're in opposite land compared to yesterday's stitch, although we are still in basket city. This pattern Barbra lists together with basket rib and it makes sense why they look different but show the same interaction, although in opposite ways. This time around we've got more knit stitches or "vertical" stitches but the overall look of the pattern is distinctly horizontal, unlike basket rib the reverse of this pattern isn't really used (it doesn't look like much). We've also got welts appearing in this pattern, and they show off beautifully how they can be used effectively when they are small.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 30st x 42st - Longtail CON - Surprisingly stretchy COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON - Multiple of 10
Rows 1 & 2 *K5,P5*
Row 3 - *K*
Rows 4 & 5 - *P5,K5*
Row 6 - *P*

            This stitch has a much closer resemblance to basket stitch than it's cousin basket rib, it is also a less dense stitch and so knits up considerably faster. It also knits up faster than basket stitch itself so it makes a nice substitute given their similarity. Anyway that's all for today. Happy Knitting!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Basket rib and Real life

            Well it's been a while but I promise I've been busy knitting, getting my hair dyed like a unicorn, and sorting out the physical version of this blog; I've finally filled a whole book (and have nearly finished the first chapter of swatches although they don't all fit in the first book) my mum helped me jazz up the front of the book and if you're into paper craft in general you should have a look at her blog. And here is the final version of said real book:

 As you can see the pages get pretty thick with all the swatches in.

            Right on with the swatch, basket rib, it's a variation on basket weave and is a good example of the interaction between knit and purl stitches. Although it consists of mainly purl stitches which are horizontal the overall effect is a vertical rib like texture. The reverse is a denser version of the waving rib pattern.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 39st x 26st - Double loop CON - Chain COFF
Pattern for working flat:
CON multiple 4+1
Row 1 - K1*P1,K1*
Row 2 - K2*P1,K3*P1,K2
Row 3 - P2 *K1,P3*K1,P2
Row 4 - P1*K1,P1*
Row 5 - K1*P3,K1*
Row 6 - P1*K3,P1*

A pretty slow knit given its density but it is very warm and on small enough needles it would likely be windproof so it would make a good winter jumper if you have the patience for it. Happy Knitting!