Saturday, 15 July 2017

Elongated Rib Check

Super Nurse
            Pretty dramatic day today, had to take my brother to the hospital. (He's okay no one is dead, we have to keep and eye on him though) I did get to enjoy humming the casualty tune with him when he was hopped up on morphine. He really likes casualty, his favorite character is "super nurse". (He ended up back at the hospital for observation but he went with mum) It's just lucky we weren't de-wallpapering at the time I suppose. I am annoyed I didn't bring "the knitting game" as he calls it, because it was very dull at the hospital and I could've gotten a lot done.

            Drama dealt with on with the stitch for today, we're on the check patterns portion of the book and there are quite a few of these patterns, this one is a pretty plain Jane compared to some of the other check patterns but simple patterns tend to make good over-all patterns. The pattern is a variant of double seed stitch, it is also fully reversible so it makes for good winter hats and scarves. The knit stitch squares are on a purl stitch back ground in this stitch, there is also likely an inverse of this stitch. (although I may not have done it yet)

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles- 30st x 38st - German loop CON - surprisingly stretchy COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON 4st + 2
Rows 1, 3 &  5 - K2*P2,K2*
Rows 2, 4 &  6 - P2*K2,P2*
Rows 7, 9 & 11- P2*K2,P2*
Rows 8,10 &12- K2*P2,K2*

Barbra also has a variation where there is a wrong side the difference in the pattern is you knit across on rows 5,6,11 & 12. Well that's the first check pattern done we've only got about 9 to go. Happy Knitting!

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