Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Arabic cross

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           Pretty tired today, had to get up early to go into town with mum so I could get some proper running shoes and some socks. Wouldn't have been so bad, but we had to rush because my brother had to go to the orthodontist that with all the cleaning yesterday means I am very sleepy. So I might just do this post and go to bed.

Arabic Cross, an ancient pattern. It takes the original form of knitting, which first appeared in the middle east and uses it to make a pattern of crosses on a reverse stockinette background. Knitting is one of the oldest forms of fabric creation because it doesn't require large equipment like a loom to do, meaning it would have been very valuable to nomadic and non agrarian peoples. Arabic knitting, also known as eastern knitting, produces a twisted stitch simply through how it's done. Essentially you purl your stitches clockwise (as opposed to anti clockwise as in english or continental) and this produces the twist. The appearance of eastern knitting can be produced without the traditional method. You simply either knit into the back loop or purl into the backloop every other row. (depending on your preference)
The cross is well suited for small decorations/interest on an overall purl fabric, such as on a pocket or around a hem.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 37st x 48st - Longtail Con - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON - multiple of 12st + 1
Row 1 - *P*
Row 2 - *K*
Rows 3 & 5 - P5*K3-b,P9*end P5
Rows 4 & 6 - K5*P3,K9* end K5
Rows 7 & 9 - P2*K9-b,P3*end P2
Rows 8 & 10 - K2*P9,K3*end K2
Rows 11 & 13 - Rows 3 & 5
Rows 12 & 14 - Rows 4 & 6
Row 15 - *P*
Row 16 - *K*

            If preferred the pattern can be done without the twisted stitches, you simply knit all stitches as you usually would. For tjose of you who were unaware of the different forms of knitting it may be workwhile to attempt different versions. Personally I am usually an english knitter, I learnt to knit that way so I find it easiest often people learn one way and stick to it Personally I think it's the easiest to control, however english knitting is the slowest version of knitting so if I'm doing a simple row (all knits or all purls) I will switch to fixed needle continental because it's faster, and for ribbing I use the eastern style purl on the first purl next to a knit as it helps draw the ribbing in closer. So try different forms of knitting they can prove very useful. Happy Knitting!

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