Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Block Stitch/ Dice stitch

            With half an hour until GOT is released in the US we're diving straight into Block stitch, I will be refreshing TPB constantly about an hour after the show airs despite the fact I know it won't be up at least for an hour after it shows. But that's the desperation talking, hmm I should also probably re-adjust I've been sat curled awkwardly for a while and my spine isn't having it.

            Ah that's better, right Block stitch. Or should I say Dice stitch? Not to be confused with Sliding Block Stitch, it is the simplest form of a check pattern in it's most basic form however the raised "blocks" that are usually formed by the purl stitches are the most often edited part in this pattern. Barbra introduces a garter stitch block and a seed stitch block in place of the regular purl block. The plain version of this pattern is reversible the others appear to not be much different from garter stitch on the wrong side (technically all stitches are reversible but sometimes there is clearly a RIGHT side) Lots of pictures today! There are 3 versions of this stitch in the book so there are extra closeups on each.

3 Versions of Block Stitch side by side

   Swatch is as follows - 4ply - 2.5mm needles -        30st x 74st - German Loop CON - Chain COFF
Plain Block Stitch

Pattern for plain Block Stitch working flat:
CON - Multiple of 10st + 5
Rows 1,3,5,6,8 - K5*P5,K5*
Rows 2,4,7,9    - P5*K5,P5*
Row 10             - K5*P5,K5*
Garter Block Stitch

    Garter Block Stitch
    CON multiple of 10st + 5
    All odd Rows - Knit all St
    Rows 2,4,6     - K5*P5,K5*
    Rows 8,10,12 - P5*K5,P5*

Seed Block Stitch

Seed Block Stitch
CON multiple of 10st + 5
Rows 1,3,5   - P5*(K1,P1)x2,K1,P5*
Rows 2& 4   - K5*(K1,P1)x2,K6*
Rows 6,8,10-(P1,K1)x2,P1*K5,(P1,K1)x2,P1*
Rows 7,9     -(P1,K1)x2,P1*P5,(P1,K1)x2,P1*

Well that's a whole bunch of patterns for you all, now it's 2:10 so I have 50 minutes to agonizingly wait until I sail the high internet seas. Although now I've seen an advert for the crown, so I now kinda want to watch that too. Argh! Netflix introduces both solutions and more complication to the "what should I watch" issue. Happy Knitting!

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