Thursday, 6 July 2017


            A famously popular pattern today, and it's easy to see why, it is both a very pretty and interesting pattern and it is super easy to knit up. Barbra's pattern uses multiples of 5 but 7 is common and more often used, I personally like her prefer the 5 stitch purl bars, it looks more "square". Also new yarn today! I bought this to make a test swatch for a HP Quidditch jumper but never ended up making it, (Mostly because the yarn is expensive but partially because I would've had to make up the pattern as all the online copies I could find looked crap) maybe one day I'll make one.... but that would involve finishing this project.
            Basketweave is a good choice for an all-over pattern given both it's simplicity and it's texture, but don't confuse it with Basket stitch, though similarly named they are very different.

Swatch is as follows - 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 30st x 40st - Longtail CON - Surprisingly Stretchy COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON multiple of 8st +5
Row 1 - *K*
Row 2 - K5*P3,K5*
Row 3 - P5*K3,P5*
Row 4 - K5*P3,K5*
Row 5 - *K*
Row 6 - K1*P3,K5*end K1
Row 7 - P1*K3,K5*end P1
Row 8 - K1*P3,K5*end K1

            Welcome to Basket country! We've reached the basketcase section of the book, luckily they're more fun than broken ribs and are also much better looking, (In my humble opinion) so get on with it! Happy Knitting!

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