Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Broken Diagonal Rib

Tomasz Schafernaker aka the best weatherman
            And I'm back sorry about the break but I've been busy doing nothing on my holidays, it's also going to be a pretty short post today as I've left it late, and I'm tired from swimming/ trying to dunk my brother and cousin as much as possible today. We went to an indoor pool as it was peeing it down all day today. Other than the day we arrived it's been pretty nice weather here so far, especially compared to home where the weather has been pretty dreadful all week. But you didn't come here for a weather report, or to hear about all the icecream I've been eating, you came here for the swatch.
Although speaking of Icecream has anyone else watched the sweet makers? Just me? I really like historical food programmes, I want to have a banquet one day but I don't know where I would hold it or why. Feasts are just fun OK?! (yes got to use an interrobang) Bluh I shouldn't write at night time my brain runs away with me. Anyway on with the knitting game.

Broken diagonal ribbing is pretty much the same as the last swatch I posted, Diagonal rib but the shift is staggered to every few rows rather than every row, the pattern provided leans in the opposite direction as the diagonal rib pattern does. The stagger gives the ribs an interesting zig-zag appearance.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 32st x 32st - Longtail CON - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON multiple of 8st
Rows   1 - 4 - *P4,K4*
Rows 5 & 7 - K2*P4,K4* end K2
Rows 6 & 8 - P2*K4,P4* end P2
Rows 9 - 11 - *K4,P4*
Rows 13&15 - P2*K4,P4* end P2
Rows 14&16 - K2*P4,K4* end K2

Well it took longer for me to update this post but there it is done! We're getting towards some very long and complicated patterns soon so it's time for you to sharpen up your skills, so get practising! and of course Happy Knitting!

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