Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Harris Tweed

            Well I'm exhausted, my room was pretty much a bomb site since I got home this summer. It's partly my fault for not wanting to put my clothes away, as my draws were full of old stuff I didn't want getting muddled in with my actual clothes, and partly my brother throwing his crap in there, thinking my room is some sort of dumping ground solution for when mum tells him to clean his room. (dirty little troglodyte)
            We did discover something pretty gross though. About 2 years ago a mouse somehow got into my room while I was away. (we have a cat she brings them in lets them go and is unable to catch them again) I say somehow no doubt it was my idiot sibling throwing crap in there leaving the door open and letting the cat in. Anyway, a few days before I came back my mother put some laundry in my room only to discover a dead mouse in the middle of my bed. Gross, not only that but my matress was covered in mouse poo!!! D: We got rid of the dead creature and hoovered the mattress but never found where the mouse was living. Until today when I cleared the small set of draws where my makeup sits on. Bottom draw full of chewed socks and mouse poo. Disgusting. cleaned it out and hoovered up the poo again, hopefully that is the last of the idiot brother/mouse incident.
Traditional Harris Tweed with interlocking crosses

Todays stitch is Harris Tweed, the name behind this one again is unclear; the pattern consists of interlocking crosses, this is likely the source of the name. Harris Tweed is also simply a knid of tweed, it's handwoven in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. There are several styles of this tweed, popular are plain, herringbone, and various types of checks, however generic harris tweed looks a lot like a miniature version of this knitting pattern ie interlocking crosses. This is likely the origin of the name and pattern, it is likely an attempt to replicate the effect of harris tweed and it is a very nice pattern particularly good for menswear if used with a tweedy yarn. The pattern is fully reversible so it is also well suited for scarves.

Harris Tweed (Knitted)
Swatch is as follows: 4ply -  2.5mm needles - 30st x 45st - Longtail CON - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON - multiple of 6st
Rows 1-3 - *K3,P3*
Row 4 - *K*
Row 5 - *P*
Row 6 - *K*
Rows 7-9 - *K3,P3*
Row 10 - *P*
Row 11 - *K*
Row 12 - *P*

Now my post is done my room is tidy and I've yelled at my oik of a brother for treating it like a bin, I can finally relax and make my magikarp jump. I've actually started on some of the lacework patterns now, It's the first lacework I've ever done so hopefully I don't cock it up too much, it's going well so far though. We're also nearly halfway through chapter one of the book, the first chapter is very long compartivly but we are making good progress. Happy Knitting!

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