Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Seed Stitch

            My mum likes this one (she said she likes the little nubs). Often confused with moss stitch seed stitch is the densest and simplest broken rib, It's a naturally flat fabric. It gets it's name from it's nubby texture as the purl bumps look like scattered seeds. It is more complicated than the last two stitches, garter and stockinette, and can take a long time to knit up (I made a scarf completely in seed stitch once it took for bloody ever) and errors in the pattern can take a while to show so going slow has it's advantages. It is however a great choice for borders as it is both reversible and flat.

Seed stitch overall

Overall view of seed stitch (lots of little nubs!)

Seed Stitch Closeup
Closeup on individual stitches, they kinda look like an x with a bar through them.
The swatch is as follows:
4Ply Wool - 2.5mm needles - 30st x 50st - Long tail CON - Chain COFF - Worked flat.

It is a relatively simple pattern despite it's complex appearance it only needs knit and purl stitches.
There are two rows when worked flat:

CON an Even number of st
Row 1: *K1, P1* repeat inside ** until end of row
Row 2: *P1, K1*

            In the round it is worked the same but it needs to be done on an ODD number of stitches, it can be done on an even number but you have to adjust the second row to *P1,K1* and you end up with the first and last stitches forming a 2x2 rib. An unusual stitch to be sure but a very nice texture people often use it in cable work to point- up the cables, I personally love the look of this stitch but think it's a PITA to knit in large amounts there are others that look similar but knit up quicker so I normally go for those but more on that later ;) Good luck knitting!

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