Tuesday, 6 June 2017


            What do they mean? Why do some people use different letters for the same thing? Why is no one upset that Gandalf abandoned the party to kill a secret boss for the XP and loot? Some of these questions will remain a mystery others are pretty easy to answer. I will be using the following abbreviations I will not deviate and if I do I will be killed by the Balrog so this page is the master page for the patterns if you see an abbreviation you don't understand look here! *this page may have to be updated later on*

K - Knit (covered in absolute basics)
P - Purl (covered in absolute basics)
St - a stitch
CO - Cast On (covered in absolute basics)
*Instructions* - repeat instructions inside ** until either you; reach the end of the row or there aren't enough stitches to do a repeat.
K2tog - knit two stitches together as one stitch
P2tog - purl two stitches together as one stitch
B - work through the back loop of the stitch (Ie k1b knit one stitch through the back loop)
Sl - Slip, pass one stitch to the right needle without working it
Sl-st -Slipped stitch, a stitched that was slipped previously
PssO- Pass slipped stitch over (this will have a post probably)
SSK - Slip Slip Knit (a decrease again will have a post)
Knitwise - perform the action as if knitting (left to right)
Purlwise - perform action as if purling (right to left)
Wyif- With Yarn in Front hold the yarn in front of the work as if to purl
Wyib - With Yarn in Back hold the yarn in the back of the work as if to knit
YO - Yarn Over put the yarn over the needle (will probably have a post)
RS - right side of work
WS - wrong side of work
C*F- Cable Forward * number of st
C*B - Cable Back * number of st

             A few other things to note Gauge and Tension mean the same thing as do Cast off and Bind off, I will likely use tension and Cast off but to avoid any confusion here it is.

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