Sunday, 25 June 2017

Ripple Rib Stitch

            And we're back sorry for the break in your regularly scheduled programming, but I just got my laptop back from the chopshop, the steam sale is on and I had some quizzes to attend. So the updates got away from me; we're back now and we've got some nice swatches to do. Oh and remember when I said we were out of broken rib territory? Well that may have been a small accidental lie (Look I forgot about this stitch okay?!). On with the knitting!
            So ripple rib stitch is basically a 2x2 rib that's broken every row, one stitch at a time moving the pattern either left or right.;(depending on the row) this forms alternating diagonal going left and right. It looks a lot like last weeks pattern if you rotated it 90 degrees, but other than appearance the actual patterns have very little in common. It's a pretty good example of how in knitting there can be many ways to do one thing. The stitch is also fully reversible, although the ribs are staggered compared to the front.

The stitch has quite a lot of lateral stretch, so if you aren't a fan of how tight ribbing can be this can be a viable alternative at the bottom of a jumper.

The stitches tend to warp just after or just before they're broken, this gives the ribs an appealing rounded shape.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply -2.5mm needles - 30st x 48st - Long tail CON - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat:
*because this pattern only uses 4 different rows I've written it slightly differently so i don't have to keep re-writing stuff*
CON - multiple of 4 st

A - *P2, K2*
B - P1* K2,P2*K2,P1
C - K1*P2,K2*P2,K1
D - *K2,P2*

Row 1 - A                                 Row 9 - A
Row 2 - A                                 Row 10 - A
Row 3 - B                                 Row 11 - C
Row 4 - C                                 Row 12 - B
Row 5 - D                                 Row 13 - D
Row 6 - D                                 Row 14 - D     
Row 7 - C                                 Row 15 - B
Row 8 - B                                 Row 16 - C                          

            In the round work as normal 2x2 ribbing for two rows, then stagger stitches left 3, then do an extra row of normal ribbing, then stagger right 3. This is likely the last stitch I'll do a version in the round for. (unless it's obvious) The problem is Barbra doesn't provide patterns in the round so I have to work them out myself and unless I'm going to make a sock out of it, it's probably not worth my time, if someone specifically requests it I will endeavor to figure it out but some of these patterns end up being 20 rows + so it's easy to make an error whilst changing it into in the round. In general in the round just change the even rows knits to purls and purls to knits.
Post complete! Now I can go play some more crusader kings, seriously the steam summer sale is pretty much me throwing money at my laptop. Next time is a pattern lots of people seem to like
but I think is kinda silly, it's an easy one, I promise that's the last of the broken ribs, (I literally just checked through my physical book there aren't any for the foreseeable future) At least until the ribbing section of the book. Happy Knitting!

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