Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Garter Stitch

            Well here we go first swatches, Garter stitch is the most basic of all stitches it can be made either by simply knitting all your stitches or purling all your stitches whichever you prefer, I made 2 swatches on this stitch type and this one is likely to be the only one where that's the case, it's mostly to see the size difference between 4 ply and DK wool.
Garter Stitch

(sorry about the picture quality currently on a train and the lighting is TERRIBLE :O)
The more observant of you out there may have noticed the cock-up in the middle of the white swatch that is where I dropped a stitch and had to save it without the aid of a chrochet hook so the repair is sadly wonky :(
The swatches are as follows:
Blue swatch - DK Wool - 4.5mm needles - 25st x 45 rows - German Loop CO - Chain Cast Off
White swatch - 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 30st x 52 rows - double loop CO - Chain Cast Off

Garter stitch is a pretty flat stitch it doesn't tend to curl at all however it can look a little lumpy with uneven tension (as is more evident in finer wool) over large areas, The stitch definitely benefits from blocking because of this. The flatness of the stitch lends itself nicely to borders. To work in the round you first knit one row then purl one row. It is a very short stitch, it takes a lot of rows to gain distance so it tends to knit up rather slowly as its actually a series of gathering horizontal welts.

So I guess that's today's stitch Garter stitch super easy! Good luck get knitting :)

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