Sunday, 20 August 2017

Chevron Pattern

I'm the good guy. Right?!
            Ah! How has it been so long since the last post?! I blame Persona 5, that game is
Me right now.
ADDICTIVE. But it still has the bs gameover mechanic if your main character dies in battle, why can't my teammates use a revive bead on me? Why can't I restart the battle rather than being forced to lose an hour of progress like it does with boss battles? Basically I'd been grinding for an hour in order to beat the second palace boss and a whole load of crap happened that was beyond my control. I ambushed a shadow in a room full of shadows, excellent it's practically impossible to lose in a battle if you ambush an enemy, I win fight end but then another enemy joins the battle (this can happen if there were other shadows nearby) Enemy happens to be faster than everyone in my team, fine it gets one turn then I can weakspot and talk my way out of it. Nope. Lucky crit on another character gets another attack, weakspots my main character (before I have the opportunity to change persona) gets another attack, then just hits my main character again (of course it didn't go for anyone else) and kills them. I lose an hour of grinding for sucessfully ambushing an enemy. Great. That's why I've stopped for now as I'm a little salty.

Enough about my salt and on with the pattern that you've all been waiting patiently for. Speaking of patterns I've completly filled the second book now and I'm onto the slip stitches so we won't be out of options when we've finished the basic ribbings. The chevron pattern is formed of transverse zigzags, that we saw earlier in the parallelograms of the vandyke pattern. In the second half of the pattern the first halves odd rows, become the even rows and visa versa. The pattern if left unblocked tends to ruche up in a zigzag pattern meaning although the overall texture is flat if worked in a large yarn it would make an interesting wavy blanket.

This picture shows off the natural wave better than the distinct pattern, likely because of the tweedy yarn I used
Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 33st x 48st - Longtial CON - Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat:
CON multiple of 8st + 1
Row 1 - K1*P7,K1*
Row 2 - P1 *K7,P1*
Row 3 - K2*P5,K3* end P5,K2
Row 4 - P2*K5,P3* end K5,P2
Row 5 - K3*P3,K5*end P3,K3
Row 6 - P3*K3,P5* end K3,P3
Row 7 - K4*P1,K7* end P1,K4
Row 8 - P4*K1,P7* end K1,P4
Row 9 - Row 2
Row 10 - Row 1
Row 11 - Row 4
Row 12 - Row 3
Row 13 - Row 6
Row 14 - Row 5
Row 15 - Row 8
Row 16 - Row 7

Well that's it for today, I will probably only post when I get home again, or maybe I'll post on the train on wednesday so see you then. The next two patterns are very nice and are probably my favourites in this chapter but they are somewhat tricky the seeded chevron particularly. So good luck and Happy Knitting!

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