Sunday, 13 August 2017

Tulip Pattern

Although I put my clothes away for once
as I didn't want to get yelled at by my mother
            I'm back off my holidays (Boooo!) so you'll now have a more regular posting schedule
(Yaaay!) everyone's been busy today returning the house to habitable levels, doing laundry, getting the cat, doing the shopping, doing more laundry, getting annoyed that the cat keeps crying ect. Although I have a HUGE spike in my views on the 8th of august when I posted the parallelogram pattern so either you all went mad for that one or you were all dying for a new post. Either way I've been very busy today, on the last day on the beach I wove in all the ends on my finished swatches and I've been putting them in the book as fast as I can I've only done 5 so far because it's a tedious and long job but hopefully by the end of the week they'll all be in and I can get on with the slip stitch patterns. Anyway enough chatting on with the pattern.

Tulip pattern is likely so called because it resembles rows of tulips in a flower bed. Or well... Sort of? Idk i get where they're coming from, but it looks mostly like a weird ribbing, and it has a lot in common with broken rib patterns. I personally much prefer last week's patterns as they have a clear use but idk about this one; it's not ugly but I probably wouldn't do it again. Not my style. It does look better with blocking, and maybe the yarn I used here wasn't the best choice but I think its more personal taste. (I'd hazard a guess it's not one of Barbaras favs either given she doesn't say anything about it) It'd probably look best in green.
It also has an annoying tendency to curl a lot as you can see I've tried to pin it flat but it REALLY doesn't want to, and if you know me I will do anythning to get a stitch that doesn't curl. It does have a lot of vertical stretch so if you want a pattern that stretches well longways this may be a viable choice.

*sigh* I took this picture when on holiday :(
Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5mm needles - 30st x 52st - Longtail CON -  Chain COFF

Pattern for working flat
CON multiple of 3st
Rows 1 & 3 - *K*
Rows 2 & 4 - *P*
Rows 5 & 7 - K1*P1,K2*P1,K1
Rows 6 & 8 - P1*K1,P2*K1,P1
Rows 9 & 11 - *P2,K1*
Rows 10 & 12 - *P1,K2*

Well that's it for todays pattern, although I am sad to no longer be on holiday, and the cat's constant meowing to make sure we havent abandoned her again is very annoying, I will say I have missed my own bed caravan singles are horrifically small, and very hard; so my spine is thanking me for sleeping on an actual bed rather than on a very skinny rock. Hope you're all having nice holidays if you're on them and that work isn't too terrible if you're there. Happy Knitting!

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