Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Dutch pyramids

Look! It's me! I know, I know, I haven't posted in, like, a month but I have been stupidly busy. I've got 4 bleeding assignments this week (I've already done one so shush mum) so I'm taking a break from the crazy end of term stress to write a post. Also I've managed to figure out how to rotate the pictures on my phone without using Instagram that tends to crash when rotating pictures. (now that's some poor optimization) and no I haven't gotten my laptop repaired but there is literally NO ONE  I can call in Aber about it, ( seriously this is a student town how?!) who will actually pick up during business hours 😠😠😠

Anyway aggravating life at university aside I've been busy Knitting too! I took a small break from the swatches to knit a Christmas jumper, it's fairisle style with reindeer and snowflakes so that's been my project the last 3 weeks I'm on the sleeves at last so hopefully it will be done by next week.

Today's Swatch (or rather November's Swatch) is Dutch pyramids, bow sadly I don't have my kindle right now so I have no clue what Barbra thinks of this one and I cant remember given I knitted this up about 3-4 months ago now (time flies 😨) it's an interesting kind of pattern I suspect that one round of it would make a pleasing border on the bottom of skirts, dresses and jumpers.

Swatch is as follows: 4ply - 2.5 mm needles - 37st x 36st - German twist CON - chain COFF

CON multiple of 15st+7
Row 1 - *P1, K5tbl, P1, K8* end P1, K5tbl, P1
Row 2 - *K1, P5tbl, K1, P8* end K1, P5tbl, K1
Row 3 - *P1, K5tbl, P9* end P1, K5tbl, P1
Row 4 - *K1, P5tbl, K9* end K1, P5tbl, K1
Row 5 - *P2,K3tbl,P3,K6, P1* end P2,K3tbl, P2
Row 6 - *K2,P3tbl,K3,P6,K1* end K2,P3tbl,K2
Row 7 - *P2,K3tbl,P10* end P2,K3tbl,P2
Row 8 - *K2,P3tbl,K10* end K2,P3tbl,K2
Row 9 - *P3,K1tbl,P5,K4,P2* end P3,K1tbl,P3
Row 10 - *K3,P1tbl,K5,P4,K2* end K3,P1tbl,K3
Row 11 - *P3, K1tbl, P11* end P3, K1tbl, P3
Row 12 - *K3, P1tbl, K11* end K3,P1tbl, K3

Phew that was a pain to write out. Hopefully I will find the time to post again soon, now I have to listen to the lecturer with the most Christmassy name (I would say but I don't exactly have permission, let's just say his first name is that of a reindeer with a sore nose) drone on about crystal structures in magnetic fields. (the thrills! #not)

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